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Usnu, or Ushno, which suggests ‘Altar’ in Quechua retains a Wealthy That means


Ushnu, or Ushno, which suggests ‘Altar’ in Quechua, are platforms of various architectural kinds relying on their location.  There are essential Usnu’s in Vilcashuamán, Ayachuco, and within the Umari district.

Within the Pre-Inca period they solely fulfilled the function of altars the place completely different choices just like the chicha (corn beer) or the blood of the sacrifices, have been filtered by the stones to the inside of the earth.

Throughout the growth of the Inca-Nato the Usnu acquired larger significance. Advanced drains for the resection of the choices have been thought of channels that communicated with different sacred locations. Within the capital of the empire, the Usnu occupied a Central place within the Plaza Aucaypata (Recognized right now as the principle sq. of Cusco) and linked by subterranean pipes with the altars of the Qoricancha (Temple of the Solar).

The Usnu have been additionally essential assembly factors between the Inkas leaders and the Populations of the brand new territories that have been conquered, they carried out the rites and Astronomical observations that served to consolidate the ability of the administration. On the identical time, these altars have been sacred spots the place the Inka might train the place of middleman between

The USNU have been additionally essential factors of encounter between the leaders of the Inkas and the populations of the brand new territories that have been conquered. The Inka carried out the rites and astronomical observations that served to consolidate the ability of the administration. In flip, these altars have been a sacred spot the place the Inka might train its place as an middleman between the three Andean worlds (Hanan Pacha, Kay Pacha, Uku Pacha).

At Archeological Park of Sacsayhuaman, Andean Terraces (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Usnu in Sacsayhumanan website (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The principle choices have been the libations liquid comparable to water, and the chicha, but in addition provided  spherical stones, shells and particular objects which needed to be associated to the rains, the rays of the solar, the rivers and the water cycle normally.

Federico Kauffmann Doig defines Usnu thus,”a truncated pyramidal constructing, primarily based on an oblong platform or a number of overlays. It describes a quadrangular or pyramidal factor with the only real perform of serving as a focal entity of a big ceremonial house, with fusions permitting entry solely to the Inkas to preside over an important ceremonies of the Tawantinsuyu”. However Cristobal de Albornoz describes the Usnu as: “Golden pillar the place they drank within the solar within the sq.” Referring to the architectural constructions of Tumipampa Murua signifies that in addition to the Cusco was constructed right here a  Choqepillaka Usnu or used to “sacrifice the chicha to the solar after they drank with him.” This time period was translated as cingulum gold by M.B. Farfan and needed to be an adjective of this sacred factor.

Rowe is emphatic in affirming primarily based on the Chronicles, primarily within the paperwork of Pedro Pizarro to the Usnu is a spherical stone “tit” which in Cusco had a stack or supply to pour the Aqha (Chicha) or the yawar (Blood) within the ceremonies. This stone was positioned on a platform within the type of pedestal, which gave plenty of significance each in house and astronomy. For Betanzos this stone was the image of the solar and was an abstraction introduced to individuals who couldn’t enter the Qoricancha.




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