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The Inca Chosen Girls and the Acllahuasi.


The primary academic establishments in Cusco had been created by Inca Roca and perfected by Inca Pachacutec. Amongst them we’ve got the Yachayhuasi, an academic establishment for males and the ahuasi for ladies, the time period Acllahuasi is a Quechua phrase which means home of the chosen ones. It was a middle of girls’s formation within the Empire of the Incas.

The Acllas had been essentially the most culturally educated ladies within the empire. They had been actually chosen ladies, they got here as tribute from their folks they usually lived cloistered within the Acllahuasi or Home of the Acllas.

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All peoples had an obligation to tax future Acllas to the state. The Inca emphasised an official known as “Apu Panaca” or “Lord of the Sisters”, to every province who was accountable for choosing ladies between the ages of 8 and 10 that had been singularly lovely, freed from bodily defects. He positioned them beneath the care of the Mamaconas. They had been the lecturers who instructed the acllas within the non secular rites, the preparation of sacred meals and the elaboration of effective materials for the Sapa Inca and the the Aristocracy of the Tahuantinsuyo. Not solely had been these materials kinds, in addition they had been a sort of data and had been seen as essential.

When the chosen ladies had been 10 years previous they needed to determine whether or not they needed to return to their locations of origin to be their mother and father or proceed in Acllahuasi to change into priestesses of the primary gods, an important sacred home acllahuasi Cuzco belonging to the Solar God. Along with having at their disposal in some instances the care and providing of the Inca mummies,among the ladies of the Accllahuasi had been destined to the Inca like servants, they ready the chicha for the Inca. Others turned Mamaconas. And, others had been chosen as prizes for the nice Inca warriors and for the traditional and privileged the Aristocracy.

La fiesta del Sol, Inti Raymi
La fiesta del Sol, Inti Raymi

The chroniclers Garcilaso Inca de la Vega and Guaman Poma de Ayala denominate ladies as virgins of the solar like nuns. Bernabe Cobo describes the acllahuasi close to the temple of the solar “Qoricancha” like a “monastery of mamaconas. Usually this establishment of Acllahuasi was in contrast by the Spaniards with the Christian convents, however in actuality their capabilities wen a lot additional since in addition they had the position of manufacturing textiles in bulk for the Inca state,

Textile manufacturing for the state had one function: to keep up the state’s economic system of redistribution. It’s well-known that among the many most appreciated presents that the Inca may give had been coca, ladies and garments. This motion was generated as a approach to compensate the trustworthy, warriors or folks whose exercise generated worth for the Inca State. The reward of redistribution strengthened ties with the conquering ethnic teams or the generals and created a steady scenario between the 2 events. Thus, the Inca economic system wanted to redistribute very massive quantities of clothes to keep up the specified stability, in addition to coca and ladies.

The acllahuasis additionally functioned as a retailer of girls. From it the Inca may organize to offer a spouse to the curacas or folks whose providers needed to be compensated. Along with being given to compensate the trustworthy, they had been delivered by the Inca in “marriage” to sure curacas to make sure unions. With these marriages the Inca constructed mandatory political alliances.

One other perform of the aclla is to organize meals and drinks for celebrations or rituals, or for chicha a really treasured drink, comprised of corn. The acllas had been then essential within the upkeep of the redistributive system.

Males couldn’t enter the precincts of the Acllahuasi to see the ladies. The state of acllas and mamaconas was recognized by the Inca due to the truth that he despatched the Coya his spouse, who like his daughters, had been the one ones that might see and communicate with the virgin ladies. If somebody violated this rule, the penalty was loss of life. If any of the mamaconas helped him get in, they got the identical penalty.

The establishment of acllahuasi, along with its nice significance throughout the Inca financial stability, demonstrates the nice position performed by ladies throughout the Andean world.

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