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The Andean Vizcacha Represents a complete story throughout the tradition of the Andes


Whereas the guinea pig is a really well-known and conventional animal within the Andes of Peru for the scrumptious taste of its meat and the good number of typical dishes that may be ready, there’s one other rodent that has much more historical past than the guinea pig. We’re speaking in regards to the Andean vizcacha (scientifically: Lagidium viscacia) that has a fantastic resemblance to rabbits.

In contrast to the guinea pig that may be a domesticated animal, the vizcacha lives wildly within the Andes of Peru. Since historical instances, the Incas knew the vizcacha. A number of chroniclers, equivalent to Garcilaso de la Vega in his e book The Royal Feedback of the Incas, communicate of the makes use of assigned to this rodent. High quality garments have been made with the fur of this animal; solely royalty might put on them. “Within the time of the Inca Kings and a few years later, such that even I lived them, they took benefit of the vizcacha’s pelt and spun it with a purpose to range the fantastic garments they wove in colours. The colour of it’s gentle brown, an ash coloration, and it’s smooth. It was a really esteemed factor among the many Indians: it was solely made for the garments of the nobles ”.

There’s within the metropolis of Cusco a portray referred to as “The Final Supper” that was painted by Marco Zapata, one of many nice painters of the Cusco faculty. On this oil portray you may see symbols on the desk belonging to Andean tradition equivalent to chicha morada, papaya and what most attracts consideration is guinea pig as everybody is aware of it.

But when we analyze carefull with the story and the portray itself, what can be within the heart of the desk can be the vizcacha due to its significance. At the moment, in some excessive Andean villages, the vizcacha remains to be eaten and is represented because the guardian of the lakes and mountains.

This little rodent represents a complete story throughout the tradition of the Andes. With the newest occasions of forest fires within the Andes of Peru, a lot of the natural world are being exterminated. Simply as vizcachas stay free in Machupicchu, let’s deal with them in all places and say no to forest fires with a purpose to preserve the natural world that we’re so proud to have




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