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Plant-o-Pedia: Swiss Cheese Vine | Justina Blakeney


Monsteras have definitely had a second over the previous couple of years- and deservedly so, a plant that makes a graphic assertion all by itself is difficult to withstand! It’s vine-ier cousin, the Monstera adansonii, or Swiss Cheese Vine, nonetheless has actually grabbed our consideration now. Extra delicate than the bigger ‘Cut up Leaf’ Monstera, the Swiss Cheese Vine doesn’t want fairly as a lot gentle, and might be skilled to climb just about anywhere- excellent in case you’re quick on ground house, however need a bit of plant drama in a room. Its leaves are a bit tender, and it’s a bit specific about water, so we wouldn’t name it an easy-care plant, however when you get the dangle of preserving it pleased, the repay in showy vines is definitely worth the effort.


GET THE GREEN: Swiss Cheese Vine (Monstera adansonii, generally mistaken for the rarer Monstera obliqua)

WATER: Water commonly, preserving the soil moist, however not soggy. Relying on how a lot gentle it receives, temperatures, measurement, and many others, as soon as per week is often a great rhythm. Yellowing leaves might point out overwatering, or poor drainage- a pot with a drainage gap is greatest. Pay additional consideration to humidity within the winter if in case you have warmth operating regularly- a humidifier will assist.

SUNLIGHT: Vibrant to medium oblique gentle. Keep away from direct solar.

PLACEMENT: This plant is a good ‘spiller’ and appears greatest in a dangling planter or on a shelf the place there’s room for the vines to wander. If vines get too straggly wanting, common trimming will assist encourage new progress. Leaves will develop to be bigger if the plant is skilled to climb a moss pole- the best way it will develop within the wild!

EXTRA CREDIT: Swiss Cheese Vine might be pretty straightforward to propagate by taking a chopping that features at the least 2 leaf nodes (little darkish knobby wanting factor on the vines), and permitting to root in both water, or simply sticking immediately into potting soil.  When you’ve got bother discovering this plant, attempt becoming a member of a plant group both domestically or online- most members are pleased to commerce cuttings and it’s a simple approach to check out new-to-you vegetation, and share your favorites too!

WORD OF CAUTION: In response to the ASPCA Monsteras are poisonous to most animals if consumed. Use warning or seek the advice of your vet every time bringing new vegetation into a house with pets.

Have a houseplant you’d wish to be taught extra about? Depart a remark and also you may see it in a future Plant-o-Pedia put up!

Pictures: Danae Horst for The Jungalow




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