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Cusco: Prime 5 Vitality Locations to Go to in 2022


Mom nature has totally different power facilities, that are thought of as sources of energy. They’re charged with power and human being go there to recharge themselves with this power, thus bettering thoughts and spirit.

Some elders of town inform us that when Andean monks misplaced power or the ability to carry out their ceremonies, they traveled to totally different locations the place they have been charged once more with energies to proceed their work of creating ceremonies. These locations have been lakes that have been close to the tops of the snowy mountains, the Intihuatana or photo voltaic clock, the caves. These all have been thought of just like the stomach of the Mom Earth.

Town of Cusco has various power facilities, inside which you we discover the highest 5 locations to go to and recharge power this 2019.


Sunset in Tipon (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Sundown in Tipon (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Tipón was a temple in-built Inca occasions to worship and venerate water, which represents purity and power in addition to being the principle supply of life.

Tipón was a hydraulic middle shaped by 12 massive terraces, with channels that served as irrigation. It’s well-known that the Incas reached nice heights in its structure and particularly in its hydraulic constructions. and it’s right here the place the admirable kind will be appreciated of water conduction and distribution.


Ausangate, A Shaman doing a meditation in a powerful lake (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Ausangate, A Shaman doing a meditation in a robust lake (Picture: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Ausangate is among the most vital sacred mountains of town of Cusco. On it are a number of lakes, a complete of seven. They’re very lovely and have colours that go from inexperienced, turquoise, to black.
The lakes. or as they known as, the Qochas, have been thought of sacred within the Inca occasions as they have been an inexhaustible supply of life and place the place one might load power when bathing in them.


Meditation in a Temple (Huaca - Templo de la Luna) Mistic Turism
Meditation in a Temple (Huaca – Templo de la Luna) (Picture: Walter Coraza Morveli)

The temple of the Moon is positioned contained in the archaeological park of Saqsayhuaman. It was a sacred place in Inca occasions devoted to the cult of the Mama killa or Mom Moon. It is a stone cave, which It has an altar. On the entrance you may see carved in the identical stone a really skinny snake with its head going through inwards however you may as well see one other very massive and thick snake with its head going through outward. This most likely represents that when it entered this temple it did so with out power, however when leaving it made the trail charged with power. Additionally in the identical cave you may see a puma and a condor carved within the stone, the three sacred animals of the Andean world.

These days many individuals use the Temple of the Moon as a spot to meditate and join with the cosmos.


Moray, Detalle (Luís Olivera)
Moray, Detalle (Luís Olivera)

In line with some students of this place, it was most likely an agricultural analysis middle of the Inca interval. It presents a system of terraces in a concentric manner as rings and it was a spot the place crops experiments have been carried out at totally different altitudes. It was additionally a spot of focus of female power, for which it’s thought of because the magnetic middle of the Pachamama.


The Marvelous of Machu Picchu
The Marvelous of Machu Picchu (Picture: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Machupicchu thought of worldwide as one of many seven wonders of the world, is among the finest examples of excessive engineering and structure. The place the place it was constructed was chosen strategically, though within the Inca occasions that they had a polytheistic faith, the place they believed in a number of deities, particularly nature, similar to air, Pachamama, solar, moon, water, mountains and so forth. and all of them have been sacred to them. Machupicchu is constructed surrounded by all these deities and they’re all harmoniously related.

In Machu Picchu there are a number of locations the place you may really feel the power, such is the case of the Intihuatana or the photo voltaic clock, which is a magnetic middle.

1000’s of individuals search a religious journey annually and Machupicchu is a religious middle identified worldwide and has been chosen among the many ten finest religious locations on the planet.

These are the highest 5 power locations you could not miss in case you are within the energetic metropolis of Cusco.




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